Pet Ultrasounds


Ferntree Gully Veterinary Hospital understands just how much pets become part of the family. That is why we use the latest technological tools to help assess and diagnose your pet’s condition. One of the tools that we use for non-invasive

Pet Cancer Care


Pet Cancer Care (general pet oncology treatment & chemo) When it comes to pet health, one of the more serious and potentially life-threatening conditions is cancer. For pets who develop this disease, they will require specialised care if you choose

Orthopaedic Surgery


Orthopaedic surgery in animals refers to the surgical repair of bone and joint problems, such as fractures, dislocations, and joint diseases. This type of surgery is generally performed by a veterinary surgeon and is used to correct musculoskeletal problems, improve

Cat Friendly Clinic


A gold star in Cat friendly treatment Taking a cat to the vet can be stressful for you and your cat. That is why our staff and clinic have special training, cat friendly furniture and accessories as part of the



A general consultation is often your first point of contact. During the consultations, our vets will take time to listen to your concerns about your pet and take a detailed medical history. This is also where the examination of

Puppy Pre­school


Like children, puppies learn fast! But is your pup learning the right things? Remember, one day, it will be an adult. By starting early with puppy preschool you’ll save much effort down the track and have a more enjoyable



When puppies, kittens are born they receive some natural protection against disease via their mother’s milk. This protection is temporary and declines in the first few weeks of life, leaving them at risk of infection and disease. Once your



Sometimes, pets get lost. This can occur when they wonder too far afield or are trying to flee things that have frightened them. For example, a bad thunderstorm can cause sensitive animals to flee in blind panic. Animal rescue

Dietary Advice


Taking care of your pet's dietary needs helps promote optimal health and vitality. The right diet can even extend your pet's lifespan. Choosing the right foods can, however, be a minefield for the uninitiated. For example, different breeds and

Cat Boarding


Check out our brand-new cat boarding facilities. Our cattery is built to best in class standards for the very best environment for your cat.

Animal Dentistry


It is great to have healthy teeth. Healthy teeth allow our pets to eat healthily, to be free of any dental related complications or pain. Dental prevention and care are extremely important for our pets, just like it is

Routine Surgery


Routine surgeries are necessary for the health and general well being of our pets. Routine procedures include things like spaying and neutering. Often these procedures are more stressful for the pet owner than for the pet. Our clinic has

Digital Radiology


Radiology is an important part of medicine. It allows doctors to be quick and precise when making their diagnosis. And that is very important when treating their patients. Our clinic is no different. Our radiology equipment helps our experienced

Full Pathology Services


Pathology tests are sometimes crucial for making a correct diagnosis. When a diagnosis is not obvious our vets have at their disposal a laboratory which can do a full pathology test quickly. This capability of our clinic is crucial

Health Check


Having a regular check-up done is very important for your friends' health. A check-up can show that everything is perfectly fine with your pet or it can find an issue that is still not a problem. And discovering a



Neutering or spaying your pet is now considered a good way to help pets live a longer and healthier life. Neutering prevents unwanted pregnancies, decreases marking, roaming and dominance behaviour, and can even dramatically decrease the risk of some



The use of ultrasonic sound for diagnosis and treatment in human and animal medicine is become fairly common. Because of its penetrating nature, ultrasound can be used to treat deep body issues by selectively heating certain tissues, such as

Wildlife Treatment


Here at Ferntree Gully we are committed to providing veterinary support essential for conserving and protecting our native species. For this we require the support or involvement of the community. So if you come across an injured or orphaned

New Puppy/Kitten


We'd love to meet your new pet, whether it's furry, feathered or covered in scales. First, we'll make sure that there are no health issues to be taken care of. But you'll also want advice on how to take

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