A gold star in Cat friendly treatment

Taking a cat to the vet can be stressful for you and your cat. That is why our staff and clinic have special training, cat friendly furniture and accessories as part of the accreditation for catfriendlyclinic.org. We are very happy to announce that Fern Tree Gully Veterinary Hospital has achieved gold star accreditation.

Cats are treated with respect and with a gentle hand. Their health is important to us, but so is their comfort. Your kitty is in safe hands.

What is Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation

Most cats are not great travelers, prefer to be in their own home, do not enjoy too much attention and can be sensitive to the environment they are in. They tend to become distressed and unhappy about travelling and seeing the vet.

Catfriendlyclinic.org has made it their mission to help veterinary clinics to become more accommodating to cats. Staff are trained to be gentler when handling cats, learn how to reduce anxiety and fear and how to recognize these feelings in these types of pets.

Fern Tree Gully Veterinary Hospital has met the standards to get the gold star, which means your kitty is in expert hands, not only for their veterinary care but their overall well-being too.

What can I expect from a gold star clinic

Gold star cat friendly means you can expect a quality experience from the waiting room to the consultation room or treatment areas. These have been specifically designed to make your cat feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Shelves, benches and other off the ground resting places make cats feel safe. The lighting has been adjusted in the consultation rooms. Our staff have been specifically trained to correctly handle your cat. This includes the nursing and veterinary staff.

Thanks to the training we are able to better assess your cat and its needs. And the training is not once off and the clinics are monitored by catfriendlyclinic.org. We welcome this monitoring so our clients can rest assured that we are up to date on any new ways of keeping kitties happy.