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Arthritis can affect one or more joints anywhere in your pet's body. The most common joints affected are the hips, knees, shoulders and elbows. Most of these joints depend on a layer of cartilage acting as a cushion between two


Obesity & Weightloss


Obesity is one of the most common nutritional disorders seen in both cats and dogs. Animals that are overweight are predisposed to a range of health problems, including: Diabetes. Cardiovascular disease (heart disease). Degenerative joint and orthopedic disease (including arthritis).

Obesity & Weightloss2021-03-02T03:03:34+11:00

Easter Hazards


Easter can be an exciting time for both adults and children. While we prepare for Easter, it is essential to keep an eye on potential dangers for your furry friend. Chocolate Chocolate contains both caffeine and theobromine (a chemical compound

Easter Hazards2021-03-02T03:07:53+11:00
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