Like children, puppies learn fast! But is your pup learning the right things? Remember, one day, it will be an adult. By starting early with puppy preschool you’ll save much effort down the track and have a more enjoyable pet. Plus training is tons of fun, and your pup will quickly learn the basics that are needed to make him or her a good companion and your very best friend. Your pup wants to make you proud, and puppy preschool will provide the basic foundation he or she needs to do just that.

Puppy School FAQ

  • Puppy Preschool is run on Thursday nights from 6-7pm
  • Classes run for 4 weeks
  • Price is $80.
  • Puppy’s should be under 13 weeks at the start of the class.
  • Puppy’s must be up to date for their age with their vaccinations.

If you have any other questions give a call on (03) 9758 4055