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Pet Insurance

Is there value in pet insurance?

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Pet Dental Care - Why Extractions?

Rotten mouth

Extraction of teeth in dogs and cats may sound a very drastic measure but a pet with severe dental disease has usually lost a significant amount of supporting bone and soft tissue alongside and under the roots of the tooth. Extraction is often the only way we can restore oral health and prevent the disease spreading to neighbouring teeth. Even pets with multiple extractions or missing teeth have no trouble chewing hard foods. It is much better than chewing with a rotten painful tooth. If the tooth is left there it is effectively sitting on top of a bed of infection or pus!

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Dental Care - Did you know?



There are many misconceptions about Dental care in pets. This probably mainly comes about by thinking that pet’s teeth and gums are exactly the same as ours. Whilst there are many similarities there are also many differences which I will write about in my next article.

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